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Market Communication

Market Communication
23-05-2017 11:49
Trading interventions

EuroTLX informs that trading on certificate BNP ARB-2 INDEX AREA EU AUTOCALL 17MZ22 (ISIN XS1447077618) is suspended pending further notice from the Issuer.

23-05-2017 11:35
Early repayment
NOTICE N. 360 - Early Redemption - XS1190660347 FREXA0001273 XS1212359274
23-05-2017 08:50
Trading suspension/resumption

EuroTLX informs that following to the early redemption event, trading on EXANE FINANCE PANIERE 3 AZIONI ITA & 1 INDICE AUTOCALLABLE 09.05.2019 EUR (ISIN FREXA0001273), BNP PARIBAS ARBITRAGE ISSUANCE RIO TINTO AUTOCALLABLE 29.05.2019 EUR (ISIN XS1190660347) and SG ISSUER AZIONE ENEL AUTOCALLABLE 29.05.2018 EUR (ISIN XS1212359274) has been suspended for today’s trading session pending delisting.
Early redemption and delisting Notice will follow.

22-05-2017 18:33
Early repayment
NOTICE N. 358 - Early Redemption
22-05-2017 16:31
Admission to trading
NOTICE N. 357 - Admission to trading