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Market Communication

Market Communication
20-01-2017 08:48
Trading interventions

EuroTLX informs that following to the early redemption event, trading on UCG BANK-UBI AUTOCALL 17FB17 (ISIN DE000HV4BCY1) has been suspended for today’s trading session pending delisting.
Early redemption and delisting Notice will follow.

19-01-2017 18:38
Early repayment
NOTICE N. 42 - Early Redemption XS1293143035
19-01-2017 17:03
Revocation and exemption from trading
NOTICE N. 41 - Withdrawal from financial instrument trading
19-01-2017 16:55
Admission to trading
NOTICE N. 40 - Admission to trading
19-01-2017 14:57
Liquidity obligations
NOTICE N. 39 - Extention