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Market Communication

Market Communication
23-06-2017 18:22
Early repayment
NOTICE N. 442 - Early Redemption XS1233666202, XS1245452344 and XS1533121338
23-06-2017 15:31
Early repayment
NOTICE N. 441 - Early Redemption XS1189332734
23-06-2017 14:39
Liquidity obligations
NOTICE N. 440 - Extention
23-06-2017 11:47
Revocation and exemption from trading
NOTICE N. 439 - Delisting 2 financial instruments XS1531784616 and XS1581256507
23-06-2017 08:25
Trading suspension/resumption

EuroTLX informs that, following to the early redemption event, trading on SECURA-2 AZIONI FRA.USA AUTOCALL 28GN19 EUR (ISIN XS1189332734) has been suspended for today’s trading session pending delisting.

Early redemption and delisting Notice will follow.