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Becoming Market Member or Broker is easy.
The membership allows the access to trading of more than 5,000 financial instruments, a selection updated to the needs of non-professional and professional investors and carefully checked during the admission process.

The mixed microstructure, order driven with the presence of at least one Liquidity Provider for each financial instrument, provides a high degree of liquidity.

The price competitiveness is guaranteed by the market microstructure.

Brokers directly connected to EuroTLX are updated in the page Members

Trading hours

The trading hours are from 9:00 to 17:30 for all financial instruments.

Trading calendar

EuroTLX trading calendar 2019 foresees the following closing days:

  • all Saturdays;
  • all Sundays;
  • Tuesday, January 1;
  • Friday, April 19;
  • Monday, April 22;
  • Wednesday, May 1;
  • Thursday, August 15;
  • Tuesday, December 24;
  • Wednesday, December 25;
  • Thursday, December 26;
  • Tuesday, December 31.