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What are the EuroTLX advantages?

  • A wide range of financial instruments updated to the needs the retail and institutional investors.
  • Liquidity supported by the presence of at least one Liquidity Provider on each traded instrument. Firm prices and transparent information thank to the market microstructure.
  • Reliable, Flexible and with high Performance technology provided by Millennium IT.
  • Wide market members’ community: majority of Italian retail network banks and principal European Banks are connected to the EuroTLX market.
  • Automatic sending of settlement instructions to CSDs, integration with the main software for order collections and Trading WorkStation (BTS).

Request for Quote and EuroTLX Quote

  • Starting from November 2016, in addition to the existing order driven market microstructure, EuroTLX launched the new Request for Quote functionality (RFQ);New RFQ functionality allows Market Members to send ad-hoc requests to enabled Market Maker to trade size higher than size usually traded on EuroTLX using the EuroTLX market infrastructure.
  • RFQ functionality is the market microstruture of new EuroTLX Quote market segment.
  • EuroTLXQuote is the new EuroTLX market segment that allows market participants to trade on Request for Quote basis. Fixed income financial instruments will be admitted  by market initiative without any quotation duty.
  • All the  EuroTLX Quote participants –both in Proprietary and Client Account- are enabled to send and receive Request for Quotes both anonymous and named on the instruments traded on the new market segment.
  • As EuroTLX market segment, EuroTLX Quote will allow EuroTLX member to trade additional instruments with the same level of compliance granted by a Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) without any additional membership fee.