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Why EuroTLX

The success factors are to be identified in the unique market model that has always been focused on  the needs of non-professional and professional investors trading in retail size.

Transparency, liquidity, information: EuroTLX values.

EuroTLX SIM has managed financial markets targeted to retail investors for 10 years. Until 2009 the managed markets were 2: the regulated exchange TLX and the MTF (Multilateral Trading Facility) EuroTLX. With the implementation of MiFID regulation, the split of the two trading venues having the same features (microstructure, surveillance, etc…) has lost coherence: in fact, from January 1, 2010 all the financial instruments have been migrated on one market, EuroTLX, and the company TLX S.p.A. has become EuroTLX SIM S.p.A.

EuroTLX market has the following distinctive features:

  • Wide range of fixed income securities and certificates tradable by non professional investors
  • Liquidity guaranteed by the mixed microstructure, quote and order driven (Liquidity Providers and Brokers), and by the connection to the market of all main Italian retail banking networks and TOLs (the intermediaries which allows the customers to trade financial instruments using internet)
  • Highly competitive prices, daily measured by the MPI Index
  • Pre - and post - trade transparency
  • Orderly trading ensured by the Market Survelliance Unit
  • Reliable, Flexible and with high Performance technology provided by Millennium IT



Financial Instruments

EuroTLX offers a wide, well-diversified, updated and coherent portfolio of financial instruments with the trading and investment needs of the retail and institutional investors.

The admission of a new financial instrument on EuroTLX market needs to be supported of at least one Liquidity Provider that guarantees sufficient liquidity during the trading day.  


Discover the EuroTLX advantages