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Private Investors


Why trading on EuroTLX?

  • Because EuroTLX is a European financial Market aimed at professional and non professional investors.
  • Because the range of tradable financial instruments for a retail  and professional customer is the widest compared to all Italian markets for what concerns fixed income securities.
  • Because the multilateral market model, order driven with at least one Liquidity Provider per instrument, allows the execution of contracts also without Liquidity Providers, which anyway support continuously the liquidity.
  • Because the controls implemented by the Market Supervision Unit assure the correct trading activity and the protection of the private investors.
  • Because EuroTLX has more then 15 years experience in the management of a Regualted Market and MTF.
    Nowadays, the majority of the Italian retail network banks, foreign banks and the main TOLs (Bancaperta, Fineco, IW Bank,, WeBank, WeTrade, Directa and Binck Bank) are connected to EuroTLX market.

The website offers the following useful information in order to allow an appropriate investment:

  • in the lists of traded financial instruments the following information is available: ISIN code, instrument description, the trading currency, S&P rating with the indication to which issuers or issue is referred, the first level of the book, last contract price, the eventual suspension of the instrument, the graphic related to the price trend of the financial instrument and, in case, the associated market communication;
  • The rating is present also in the pop-up that will open clicking on the ISIN of the single instrument. The 2 letters near the rating identify the issue or the issuer to which the rating is referred (EM indicates the rating related to the bond issue, ET the one related to the Issuer, TS a Subordinate Issuer, TJ a Junior Subordinate Issuer, TP a Preferred Stock Issuer, GA the Guarantor, GA a Subordinated Guarantor, GJ a Junior Subordinated Guarantor, CA the Holding company, CS a Subordinated Holding company, CJ a Junior Subordinated Holding company, CP a Preferred Stock Holding company);
  • in the pop-up are available the percentage variation (calculated between the last contract price and the closing price of the previous day), the 5-level book (downloadable in excel format), the data regarding the last contract, daily and historical data, trading conditions with the indications of limit 1, 2 and 3 in percentage and the issue characteristics with the indication of the current coupon;
  • both in the homepage and in the statistics section, there is the information related to the most traded instruments during the current trading day on EuroTLX;