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Corporate Governance

EuroTLX is regulated by Consob and Bank of Italy and it is organized on the following corporate governance bodies: Shareholders’ meeting, Board of Governors, Board of Statutory Auditors.

EuroTLX delegated business management and development activity to the chief executive officer (EuroTLX CEO), who is responsible for the management of the service offered and for the commercial activity.

In order to ensure the correct and transparent services performance, the organization of Euro TLX SIM SpA has established a specialized operating structure, called Market Supervision, dedicated to the activities of admission, suspension and exclusion of Members and of financial instruments on EuroTLX Market and as well in charge of the market surveillance activity.

In addition the Company is organized with the following business units in order to monitoring activities of second and third level: UO Compliance & Risk Management and Internal Audit Unit. To the mentioned structure it has been added a Supervisory Board, established under the Legislative Decree 231/2001.