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List of the members of EuroTLX Market


Banca Akros S.p.A. Intermediary  Market Maker A   Specialist 
Banca Generali S.p.A. Intermediary  Specialist   
Banca IMI S.p.A. Intermediary  Market Maker A   Specialist
Banca Intermobiliare di Investimenti e Gestioni S.p.A. Intermediary    
Banca Leonardo S.p.A. Intermediary    
Banca Popolare dell'Emilia Romagna Soc. Coop Market Maker B  Specialist  
Banca Sella Holding S.p.A.  Intermediary  Market Maker A   
Banca Simetica S.p.A. Intermediary  Market Maker A   
Banco Desio e della Brianza S.p.A. Intermediary  Specialist  
BNP Paribas Arbitrage S.N.C. Specialist     
BNP Paribas S.A.  Market Maker B   Specialist   
Credem S.p.A. Intermediary    
Crèdit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank Intermediary    
Credit Suisse Securities (Europe) Limited Intermediary    
Credit Suisse Securities, Sociedad de Valores, S.A. Intermediary    
Deutsche Bank AG Intermediary Specialist   
Directa S.I.M.p.A. Intermediary    
Equita SIM S.p.A. Intermediary Market Maker B Specialist
Exane Derivatives S.N.C. Specialist     
FinecoBank S.p.A. Intermediary    
HSBC Bank plc Intermediary    
Iccrea Banca S.p.A. Intermediary  Market Maker A   
Intermonte SIM S.p.A. Intermediary    
Invest Banca S.p.A. Intermediary    
IW Bank S.p.A Intermediary    
Jefferies International Limited Intermediary  Market Maker B  
J.P. Morgan Securities plc Intermediary Specialist  
J.P. Morgan AG Specialist    
Mediobanca S.p.A. Intermediary  Market Maker B   Specialist 
Method Investment & Advisory Limited Market Maker B   Specialist   
Morgan Stanley & Co. International plc Intermediary Specialist  
Morgan Stanley Europe SE Intermediary Specialist  
MPS Capital Services S.p.A. Intermediary  Market Maker A  Specialist
NatWest Markets Plc Intermediary    
Société Générale  S.A. Intermediary  Specialist  
Tradegate AG Wertpapierhandelsbank Market Maker B    
UBI Banca  S.c.p.A. Intermediary  Specialist   
UBS Europe SE Intermediary    
UniCredit Bank AG Market Maker A   Specialist   
UniCredit Bank AG Succursale di Milano Intermediary  Market Maker A   Specialist 
Unicredit S.p.A. Market Maker A   Specialist