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Market Intermediaries admission

The EuroTLX Rule Book disciplines the participation of the intermediaries in the market, defining who can directly participate in the trading activity, the minimum requirements they have to meet, verified both during the admission process and afterwards for continuous eligibility of members.

Please find the "Operative Guide" with the checklist of the main points to become a member of EuroTLX. Full information are available on the EuroTLX Rule Book.


General Conditions:

Request for services:



As other LSEG’s companies, also EuroTLX uses Member Portal in order to improve the Membership process. It allows to electronically manage all the steps, from the application phase to the Market Intermediary’s admission declaration and, subsequently, any necessary update and modification of the Participation documentation.
Member Portal simplifies the procedures and makes more direct and efficient the communication flow among EuroTLX, CC&G and their respective Clients. Besides it allows Market Intermediaries to monitor the data sent and update them in a constant and immediate way, making therefore easier the communication duties as set forth in the EuroTLX Rule Book

It is possible to submit an online membership request to EuroTLX through Member Portal.

For further information about the portal functionalities please access to the Member Portal User Guide - EuroTLX Area

For further information, please contact the EuroTLX Membership team:



Please find below the main incentives for EuroTLX’s Market Participants, included in the Price List:


  • For the first six months, Membership Fee equals to 0€ for new Intermediaries;
  • Membership Fee equals to 0€ if the Intermediary operates only for orders of its network and only on instruments on which the Intermediary is also Specialist;


Market Maker:

  • Market Maker A: discount of 10%  or 20% on the Membership Fee if the MM concluded at least 500,000 or 1,000,000 contracts in the previous year.
  • Market Maker B: annual Trading Rights equals to 0€ for the first 30 financial instruments on the first twelve months from its admission.
  • Market Maker A and B: possibility to activate the "Flex Package" for a maximum of 50 financial instruments which will benefit of specific economic conditions aimed to reduce the initial fixed Trading Rights.
  • Market Maker A and B: Trading Rights equals to 0€ for the calendar year underway, for financial instruments traded by the MM following a specific solicitation from EuroTLX.



  • Membership Fee equals to 0€ if the Specialist  already operates as a Market Maker A or B Line 1.
  • Reduced Trading Rights for admission requests regarding at least 100 securities, applicable only once per quarter.



Service Provider

Request for extension of the accreditation on EuroTLX as Service Provide already accredited as Service Provider by a company of the London Stock Exchange Group


Accredited Service Providers



Technical documentation

Here below it is possible to dowload the techinical documentation for the connection to EuroTLX and for Market Data. Please note that this documentation is only for Intermediaries.



Previous Contracts

General Conditions: