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Market Data

All main Info Providers are connected to EuroTLX market, such as Bloomberg, e-Class, FactSet, Fis, Interactive Data (Europe) Limited, Master Chart, Morningstar, Quanthouse SAS, SIX Financial Information, Infront ASA, Teleborsa, Refinitiv, Tradingscreen and VWD Group.

Please find below Data distritubion agreement and the Data supply agreement with the releted price list for Market Intermediaries and for Infoprovider:

Data distribution agreement

Annexes Data Distribution Agreement

Price List data distribution


Data supply agreement

Annexes Data Supply Agreement

Price List data supply


Market Data Transparency Obligation Disclosures 2019

Market Data Transparency Obligation Disclosures 2018


Please find below Reconciliation services agreement for intermediaries:

Reconciliation services agreement

Annex 1 - Price List Reconciliation

Annex 2 - Traceability of financial flows

Annex 3 - Delegation of payment


Real Time Disclosure for retail customers

Non-professional investors can apply to EuroTLX for a real time data on the EuroTLX market.

The private investor who intends to use this service can ask to send the contract to be signed. The contract has a duration of two years. The fee for the use of the Real Time Information service for retail customers is € 500 per year (including VAT).

For further information, please contact EuroTLX at the following e-mail address: