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Concluded contracts 3,040, Total turnover € 52,408,070. Prices updated on 19-11-2019 11:16:42
Securities found: 2
ISINCategoryIssuerDescriptionExpiration DateCurrencyBid q.tyBid PriceAsk PriceAsk q.tyLast contract priceGross  yield to maturitySuspendedMarket communications
XS0483954144Government BondsRepubblica Di CiproRep Cipro 4.625% 03fb2003-02-2020EUR100,000100.700-0.84NoView
XS1956050923Government BondsRepubblica Di CiproRep Cipro 2.750% 26fb3426-02-2034EUR50,000122.85124.0450,000-0.99NoView

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