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Concluded contracts 2,482, Total turnover € 42,764,036. Prices updated on 19-11-2019 10:52:31
Securities found: 3
ISINCategoryIssuerDescriptionExpiration DateCurrencyBid q.tyBid PriceAsk PriceAsk q.tyLast contract priceGross  yield to maturitySuspendedMarket communications
XS1850727543Other debt instrumentsCrédit Agricole Cib Fs SaCa Cib - Bayer Autocall11gn2411-06-2024EUR100,000102.2500--NoView
DE000HV50A05Other debt instrumentsUnicredit Bank AgUcg Bank-Msci World 22lg2022-07-2020EUR100,00099.5300--NoView
DE000HV50A47Other debt instrumentsUnicredit Bank AgUcg Bank-S&P 500 Autocal 02ot2002-10-2020EUR100,00099.1900--NoView

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